Different types of meditation

Nearly all meditation methods fall into one of several types.

Different types of mediation Meditation help us meet stress with skill, turning stress into composure and helping us turn confusion into clarity, distraction into focus, and timidity into confidence!. When we look at what most people mean when they say "meditation" in 2022, we can classify this into three types:

Guided Meditation - A "guided meditation" is a guided audio or video that induces a trance state. Hypnosis, or hypnotic induction, induces a trance state by concentrating on the trance induction procedure. Self-hypnosis, or autohypnosis, induces trance through focused attention on sensations and images. Self hypnosis is not as deep as hypnotic induction. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are not meditation.

Mindfulness - Mindfulness employs meditative concentration vis-à-vis the sensations we experience through our existence in any given moment. Various forms of meditative concentration existed for thousands of years until a young man named Siddhartha Gautama, also known as "The Buddha," made transformative discoveries and brought meditative concentration into the discipline we call "mindfulness". Despite religious associations often ascribed to Siddhartha Gautama, his mindfulness practice offers something revolutionary—a fundamental change in the sensation of one's existence. As an aside, while striving to remain as non-dogmatic as possible, Innerscapes Tribe offers a complementary introduction on Siddhartha Gautama, how he invented this method, and how you might use his various insights via this link: https://tribe.innerscapes.vip/invitation?code=FCGCCA While mindfulness employs meditative concentration, and we can see it as a form of meditation, mindfulness is a distinctive and complex discipline that bridges a nexus between meditative concentration and existential awakening. We must have meditative skill to practice mindfulness and we do not require mindfulness to meditate.

Meditative Flow - Meditative flow, or meditative concentration, is a sensation in which you focus your attention on the present moment. Meditative flow relieves stress, gleans clarity, and improves concentration. Meditative flow fosters relaxation and helps release tension and anxiety. At Innerscapes, we dispense with much of the dogma and non-fundamental considerations in meditation. At the same time, we are not so clinical as to be inaccessible or impractical. Your personal needs and vision are integral to our work. Innerscapes offers guidance, coaching, and information on various meditative methods outlined later.

We have many ways of entering meditative flow. Many teachers and schools put elaborate rituals and dogma around their practices over the centuries. In some cases, these rituals and dogmas have their place. Each person decides their flavors and fashions in these matters. At Innerscapes, we dispense with much of the dogma and non-fundamental considerations in meditation. Guidance, coaching, and information on various meditative methods including but not limited to:

Open monitoring involves allowing thoughts to drift without focusing on any one thought or emotion. The only activity in open monitoring is allowing thoughts, sensations, and emotions to come and go without judgment, allowing for a more objective view of one's mind. Open monitoring meditation can improve overall mental health and well-being by training the mind to be more accepting and nonjudgmental.

Focused attention is a practice where we focus on a specific object or activity for a set amount of time, without letting our mind wander. This object may be the breath, a phrase, an image, a part of the body, an external object, and so on. As we progress, we develop capacity to increase and sustain focus, both in depth and consistency. Distractions gradually diminish in intensity, length, and influence.

Effortless presence is the ability to be fully in the moment and completely absorbed in what we're doing. It's a flow of mind where we're not distracted by thoughts of the past or future, and we're not trying to control or influence the situation. We're just here, fully engaged and completely present. We carry this attitude and sensation with us in all things. We live the "informal practice" of Innerscapes timelessly.

Intuitive meditation spotlights the mind's natural ability to focus, relax, and reveal. We can use images, sounds, or sensations to focus our thoughts and connect with our innermost feelings. Intuitive meditation can be used as a way to explore and understand our thoughts and emotions, find peace and calm in difficult situations, and increase our intuition. We can use other meditation techniques to build capacity.

Movement meditation entails focusing on the body and the sensations it experiences. We direct the mind and body through simple, rhythmic, and natural movements. It's great for beginners. You don’t have to be a yoga expert or tai chi student to start implementing this technique. Mindful walking and similar, simple exercises make this accessible. Experienced meditators may find movement meditation fills in gaps.

Meditation is a very deep and personal experience with subtleties that require personal attention and tailoring. An effective meditation coach provides tasks, conditions, and standards necessary to train your mind and your nervous system in meditative exercises and methods.

In conclusion, we can divide meditation into two, popular types: guided meditation and meditative flow. At Innerscapes we recognize five forms of meditative flow and we focus on meditative fundamentals without getting bogged down in unnecessary rituals or dogma. Innerscapes offers guidance, coaching, and information on various meditative methods, including open monitoring, focused attention, effortless presence, intuitive meditation, and movement meditation. Innerscapes helps both novice and experienced meditators tailor their practice to suit personal needs and goals without sacrificing necessary tasks, conditions, and standards. So whether you are starting out or deepening your practice, complete an evaluation to see if Innerscapes can offer support and sustenance on your journey. Let's work together to discover your own personal path to meditative flow. With Innerscapes your other life is half a breath away!